Without the requisite Value Added Services, a Supply Chain Finance program will struggle to achieve the desired measurable and sustained results.  Through our Enablement services, SCF Strategies prepares your sales and delivery teams on all critical aspects associated with world-class execution in Supply Chain Finance.


Based on your level of knowledge and your requirements, we can offer different enablement solutions, from basic sales and origination methodologies to advanced competency services on Working Capital Analysis, Program Design, and Supplier Onboarding.


Working Capital Analytics

Program Design

Supplier Onboarding

Working Capital



Working Capital Analysis is the foundation for any Supply Chain Finance program and allows to maximize the opportunity in terms of payment terms and working capital or margins. 


Our Working Capital Analysis Application helps you find opportunities to select:


  • the right supplier to include in your Supply Chain Finance program

  • the right payment terms to offer to the suppliers

  • the right pricing to offer to the suppliers


During the last five years, the team has analyzed over 80 Fortune 500 companies and unlocked over $3 billion in working capital.

Combining a proven process and based on supplier data around spend, current payment terms, cost of funds, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), industry and country standards and working capital objectives we scientifically assess the opportunity, rationalize inconsistent terms and transform net terms into income generating early payment opportunities.

Our Working Capital Analytics Application helps analyze vendor data, rationalize inconsistent terms, identify term extension opportunities and creates detailed scorecards on each individual supplier. It also provides peer-group analysis, different scenarios such as transforming net terms into income generating early payment opportunities based on the client’s goals and available financing.



Targeting suppliers with the highest estimated propensity to join a Supply Chain Finance program, in a carefully phased approach, guided by client objectives is an industry best practice most forgotten and leads to poor supplier onboarding results.


A detailed Program Design helps achieve the required results.  We will help you to design a Reverse Factoring program working closely with your team to identify, measure and time plan the specific program objects. 



Our dedicated supplier onboarding methodology helps you to manage the outreach to thousands of vendors. Our trained resources target each supplier based on our analytics and present terms optimized to achieve your working capital goals. Our supplier onboarding services employ a combination of telephone, email, and mail outreach. We track and manage progress across a series of campaigns and escalate exception situations for assistance.



In the process, we also help your suppliers in terms of the balance sheet treatment as well as highlight the KPIs, which can be improved with Supply Chain Finance. Prior to any outreach, we train your designated accounts payable and procurement team.

Sales & Operations Enablement

A companywide understanding of Supply Chain Finance among sales and operations teams is crucial to be effective in sourcing, implementing and managing financing programs. SCF Strategies educates and trains the sales and operations team of banks and Fintechs as well as treasury and procurements teams of corporate clients.


Based on numerous workshops and courses held with leading financial institutions, corporate clients as well as industry bodies we have developed specific training and education courses around our winning sales methodology and operations in Supply Chain Finance.


The workshops and training enable your team to be effective selling Supply Chain Finance solution in this highly competitive market as well as implementing successful programs.