Roundtable on Supply Chain Finance at TXF in New York

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

SCF Strategies has been invited to speak at the TXF Conference in New York on September 13.


Supply Chain Finance is on the cusp of a great transformation! New technologies and game-changing innovations has seen the tapping of new opportunities that bring fresh perspectives to the growing sector.

TXF has invited Eric Riddle, Managing Partner of SCF Strategies at the TXF Conference taking place in New York on September 13.

Eric Riddle will moderate the panel: Profiling the Supply Chain Finance of the Future. The panel will focus on future enablers and external trends such as trade wars and potential new trade agreements reshaping supply chains.

The panel consists of financial institutions, consultants and corporate executives including: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Nokia, HSBC and SCF Strategies.

Please find below some photos from the event.