Determining strategic objectives for your Supply Chain Finance and effectively managing the desired Buyer/Supplier working capital impact for these programs  can be challenging. It helps to have support from seasoned experts who have been in your shoes and can help your team to navigate the pitfalls and success factors for your organization.

Our Advisory Services are designed around our customers. From assessing and defining your marketing opportunity and positioning, to building the strategy and business case, all the way through to originating and implementing outstanding Reverse Factoring programs.  We work closely with you as a partner to help you to continuously improve processes and develop the internal skills.


Go-to-Market Strategy

Solution Audit

Platform & Partner Selection

Accounting Treatment



Are you looking to enter into the fast-growing Supply Chain Finance market and offer solutions for your clients and partners?  Or does your current Supplier Finance offering not meet your expectations?  We can help you with your go-to-market strategy. For more than 15 years, we've been helping clients with the following services:


  • Market Assessment. We give your team a detailed feasibility assessment of the market, the competitive landscape, the primary players and their solutions as well as specific data on target industries and geographies. Based on a short review of your products and solutions we will provide you with some of the key differentiations as core strength and weaknesses.​​


  • Sales Plan. We generate a detailed plan for your sales team, how to approach the market, which client characteristics to focus on as well as potential partnerships to setup. Based on our experience we will provide you with key metrics to measure your success and a detailed sales process plan to close more opportunities within a shorter time frame.



Our solution audit is based on a thorough review of your Supply Chain Finance platform in terms of functionality, features and necessary services. We help identify whether you have an MVP (minimum viable product) or a best-in-class solution.


We highlight your strengths and key differentiators as well as where your solution has limitations that could affect you in origination and delivery capabilities. Our solution audit provides you a report with a detailed analysis of your Supply Chain Finance solution and key recommendations.

Platform & Partner Selection

Selecting the right origination, technology and funding partners are critical steps for a successful Supply Chain Finance initiative. We are your subject matter experts in support of your management team when making these important decisions.


We provide you with a rigorous evaluation process and objective selection criteria as well as our scoring methodology which can help align your cross-functional team of stakeholders with different requirements, opinions, and objectives.


We also provide you with RFP documents and selection questionnaires, help you analyze RFP responses, review system demonstrations, do reference calls and guide you through contract negotiations.



Corporates implementing a Supply Chain Finance program sometimes encounter challenges in terms accounting treatment.  Some forms of Supply Chain Finance do present a certain level of risk to reclassify commercial accounts payable into financial debt.  Are you concerned or do you have clients refrained from starting a Supply Chain Finance program due to the risk of account treatment? 


We help your team navigate through the important aspects of accounting treatment.  This includes best practices, recommendations, and communication templates which can be used to approach, or re-approach, the auditors and achieve a favorable opinion to continue with a program.