About our firm

SCF Strategies provides objective, subject-matter expertise in all areas of Supply Chain Finance. We've not only developed, refined and codified best practices for an entire industry, but we also provide a unique Working Capital Analytics Application that turns your initiatives into tangible results.

Our clients choose us because we have over 15 years of hands-on, practitioner experience in the market that we put to work helping you to build the right solutions that really drive value.


We define success as achieving exceptional results for our clients with a lasting impact on their business and their clients. We believe the most effective way to bring value to our client is to become a collaborative partner, thereby achieving meaningful, enduring impact.


This principle has remained the cornerstone of our company and the services we provide to our customers.


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Our Story

Back in 2015, SCF Strategies was founded on the belief that all Supply Chain Finance providers in the market deliver either funding or technology, at best both when it comes to Supply Chain Finance. 


After more than 15 years of originating, implementing and managing numerous Supplier Finance programs that exceed $150 billion in trading volume yielding more than $2 billion in outstanding, we know that success requires much more.


The real value comes from a series of best practice processes integrated with the technology and fueled by the funding capacity.  No amount of funding, nor the most elegant technology will make up for bad practice, skipping steps and leaving out the most critical success factors.

Today, SCF Strategies is recognized as the industry-leading consulting firm with a specific focus on Supply Chain Finance. Corporates, financial institutions, and Fintechs rely on our advisory and enablement services founded on actual in-depth program-level expertise.  We've implemented and managed over 100 Supply Chain Finance programs around the world and have made all the mistakes in the learning process so you don't have to.


Our approach and methodology has proven to be the right one with many successful market assessment, program implementations previously executed, unlocking billions of working capital and free cash flow for leading companies around the world.